Exercise-48: Sidha Yoni asana (for women only)

  • Sit with the legs extended forward.
  • Fold the right leg and place the sole of its foot against the inner left thigh.
  • Place the heel inside the labia major of the vagina.
  • Fold the right leg and place its foot on top of the right calf and thigh.
  • Pull up the right toes in to the space between the calf and thigh.
  • Hold spine fully erect and straight.
  • Place a cushion below the buttocks for ease and comfort.
  • This asana can be performed with either leg upward and best performed without underwear.

Women suffering from sciatica or sacral infections should avoid practicing this asana. Only women can practice this asana.




  • When mastered, practitioner can hold body steady in this posture for long and attain steadiness of mind.
  • Flow of prana or energy is regularized by this asana.
  • The nerve plexuses which control the female reproductive system are energized.
  • It helps in gaining greater control over the neuron-psychic sensory impulses to provide sexual enjoyment.

It has a calming effect on the entire nervous system.



Exercise-49: Swastikasana

  • Assume the base position- fold the left leg and place the foot near the right thigh muscles.
  • Fold the right leg and push it in the space between the left thigh and calf muscles.
  • The toes of both feet should lie between the thighs and calves of the two legs.
  • The hands can be placed on the knees or in the lap.



People suffering from sciatica or sacral infections should avoid practicing this asana.

Same as sidhasana and sidha yoni asana but at a lower level since perineum is not automatically pressed.
It is the easiest classical meditative posture.



Meditative Postures are good for our mind

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