Exercise-47: Sidhasana (For men only)

  • Sit with the legs extended forward.
  • Fold the right leg and place the sole of its foot against the left thigh.
  • The heel should be pressing the perineum- the area between the genitals and the anus.
  • Fold the right leg and place its foot on top of the right calf.
  • Press the pelvic bone with the left heel directly above the genitals.
  • Push the toes and the outer edge of the left foot into the space between the right calf and thigh muscles- adjust the position of the right leg accordingly.
  • Grasp the right toes from above or below the left calf and pull them upwards in to the space between the left thigh and calf.
  • Lock the legs with the knees on the ground and the left heel directly above the right heel.
  • Hold spine steady, straight and erect.
  • Place a cushion below the buttocks for ease and comfort.
  • This asana can be performed with either leg upward.

Persons suffering from sciatica or sacral infections should avoid practicing this asana. Only men can practice this asana.


  • When mastered, practitioner can hold body steady in this posture for long and attain steadiness of mind.
  • Flow of prana or energy is regularized by this asana.
  • The two sexually related psycho-muscular locks which redirect sexual nerve impulses to the brain are activated.
  • It helps in gaining greater control over the sensory sexual function.
  • It has a calming effect on the entire nervous system.



Meditative Postures are good for our mind

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