When you stressed, your body response as you are in danger. It makes hormones that make your breath faster and speed up your heart. It gives you a burst of energy. Some stress is useful and even normal. It can help you to react quickly and work hard. Example, it can help you to finish an important job on time or win a race.

Stress can be linked to trouble sleeping, headaches and back pain, an upset stomach . You may not do well at work or anywhere, and your relationships may also suffer. If you already suffer from a health problem stress may increase it.

It’s important to check out what is the main reason of stress for you. Everyone responds and feels to stress differently . Many people encounter stress from multiple sources liked media overload, money, health, relationship and work. We can also say that “stress is biggest health problem facing people today” because with these so many sources of stress, it is difficult to find time to disengage and relax.

Stress is directly related mental health. It become harmful when people use tobacco, drugs or alcohol for relieve their stress. Stress is a natural mental and physical reaction to both bad and good experiences that can be harmful and beneficial for health.

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