Exercise-57: Ushtrasana

  • Sit in vajrasana with knees apart and ankles at the sides of hips.
  • Inhale, rise onto the knees and stretch arms to the sides.
  • Exhale, twist the torso to the right, bend backward and grasp at the heel with the right hand.
  • Look at the left arm which should be raised vertically over the head with palm facing forward.
  • Allow the upper body weight to rest on the left heel.
  • Inhale, raise the torso and return to the centre kneeling position.

Duration- Practice 10 times on each side with up to 1 minute on either side as a static pose.

  • Sit in vajrasana with knees and feet slightly apart.
  • Stand on your knees and stretch the arms to the sides.
  • Lean backwards and place the hands on the heels.
  • Stretch the neck backwards and shift body weight to the arms.
  • Arch as far back as possible.
  • Return to kneeling and back to vajrasana.


  • Inhale while assuming kneeling position.
  • Exhale while bending backward and while returning to vajrasana.



  • Practice 10 times as a dynamic exercise.
  • Hold up to 3 minutes as a static pose.

Concentration– On the abdomen, thyroid gland or spine.


  • Beneficial for the digestive, excretory and reproductive systems.
  • Stretches the stomach and intestines and removes constipation.
  • Removes backache, lumbago and rounded back.



Meditative Postures are good for our mind

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