Exercise-96: Utthita janu sirshasana (The standing head between the knee pose)

  • Stand erect with your feet 2 to 3 feet apart.
  • Extend the arms straight in front of the chest.
  • Bend forward and clasp the hands behind the lower legs.
  • Bring the head as far as possible into the space between the knees while keeping the legs straight.



  • Inhale deeply and exhale fully before bending.
  • Retain the breath outside while bending.
  • Inhale after returning to the erect position.

As a counter pose to backward bending poses.
Not to be practiced by sufferers of sciatica, sacral infections, chronic arthritis or slipped disc.


  • This asana stimulates the pancreas and relaxes the hip joints and hamstring muscles.
  • It massages the spinal nerves and brings a rich supply of blood to the brain curbing tiredness, yawning and lethargy.

Utthita janu sirshasana (variation)

Utthita janu sirshasana (variation

  • Stand erect with your feet 2 to 3 feet apart.
  • Bend the legs slightly at the knees.
  • Repeat the forward bending movement as described for utthita janu sirshasana.
  • Wrap the arms around the back of the legs so that they are horizontal, the elbows pointing sideways.
  • Keeping the legs bent, try to bring the hands forward between the legs and clasp them behind the back of the head.
  • Consciously relax the back muscles.
  • Then slowly and gently try to straighten the legs, keeping the hands behind the head.
  • Do not strain.
  • Hold the final pose for a short time and then release by bending the legs.
  • Repeat as desired.


  • Breathe out as you straighten the legs.
  • Hold the breath or try to breathe normally in the final pose, depending on how long you remain in it.
  • Breathe in as you bend the legs and release the final pose by bending the legs.

This more intense form of utthita janu sirshasana is sometimes known as utthan asana.



Forward Bending Asanas Benefits

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