This group of asanas is very important for stretching and toning the spinal nerves, making the back muscles supple and strong and for compressing and massaging the abdominal organs. A supple back is most important for maintaining good health. People who have a supple back are blessed with vitality and health, whereas those with rigid spines are afflicted with all kinds of illnesses or aches and pains.

Beginners and sedentary workers who get very little physical exercise, are likely to find these asanas quite difficult to do at first because the backs are unaccustomed to bending forward very much. They should not despair but persevere, trying to bend the back as far forward as it will go without excessive strain. After some time even the most rigid back will become more supple as the muscles stretch. The individual will be pleasantly surprised to find that he can bend his back much further than he thought possible.

No one should force the back to bend further than its flexibility will allow, otherwise injury may result. The muscles of the back gradually elongate in their own time; it is just a matter of practicing these asanas regularly and waiting for the muscles to stretch.

The practitioner should not do the entire forward bending asanas one after the other but choose a couple and perfect them over a period of weeks or months. He can attempt the others later when his back is more flexible.

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dynamic pashtimottanasana

Pada prasar paschimottanasana

janu sirshasana

ardha padma paschimottanasana

Sirsha angustha yogasana

Pada hastasana

Hasta pada angushthasana

Meru akarshanasana

Utthita janu sirshasana

Eka pada padmottanasana

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