Exercise-38: Matsaya Kridasana (The flapping fish pose)

  • Lie on the stomach with fingers interlocked under the head.
  • Fold the left leg sideways and bring left knee close to the ribs.
  • Shift the arms to the left and rest the left elbow on the left knee.
  • Rest the right side on the crook of the right arm.
  • The position resembles a flapping fish.


Breathing– Normal and relaxed in the stoic pose.
Duration– For as long as possible on both sides and for sleeping.
Concentration-On your breathing process.


  1. This asana redistributes waistline fat deposits.
  2. Removes constipation and stimulates digestive peristalsis by stretching the intestines.
  3. Relieves sciatic pain by relaxing the nerves in the legs.
  4. An excellent rest pose.



How Relaxation Postures are beneficial in our busy lifestyle

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