Relaxation Postures

 The present modern scientific age has created numerous comforts for the mankind. In addition it has also created innumerable stresses and anxieties. As a result people are not able to relax even during sleep.

These asanas are very simple but difficult to perform properly to derive maximum benefit from the same. It is important that while performing these, all muscles of the body must be consciously relaxed. This is the difficult portion of the exercise since despite the apparent relaxation, tension still remains in the muscles and a deliberate effort is required to relax and practiced repeatedly.

Yoga nidra is a very powerful method of relaxing both body and mind. After a hard day’s work or just before sleep, this practice gives immense benefit. The method is to lie in shavasana and rotate the conscious mind through different parts of the body. During this process each part of the body is specifically felt, concentrated upon, relaxed through the mental process till whole body attains a state of total relaxation. This process is repeated a few times to remove all tensions from the body. This is a brief description of yoga nidra.
The different asanas are listed below with details of each.



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Matsaya Kridasana

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