How Relaxation Postures are beneficial in our busy lifestyle

By on May 2, 2015

Relaxation Postures

 The present modern scientific age has created numerous comforts for the mankind. In addition it has also created innumerable stresses and anxieties. As a result people are not able to relax even during sleep.

These asanas are very simple but difficult to perform properly to derive maximum benefit from the same. It is important that while performing these, all muscles of the body must be consciously relaxed. This is the difficult portion of the exercise since despite the apparent relaxation, tension still remains in the muscles and a deliberate effort is required to relax and practiced repeatedly.

Yoga nidra is a very powerful method of relaxing both body and mind. After a hard day’s work or just before sleep, this practice gives immense benefit. The method is to lie in shavasana and rotate the conscious mind through different parts of the body. During this process each part of the body is specifically felt, concentrated upon, relaxed through the mental process till whole body attains a state of total relaxation. This process is repeated a few times to remove all tensions from the body. This is a brief description of yoga nidra.
The different asanas are listed below with details of each.












Exercise-35: Shavasana (the corpse posture)

  • Lie flat on the floor with arms on the side and in line with the body- palms facing upwards.
  • Move the feet slightly apart to a comfortable position and close the eyes.
  • Relax and do not move any part of the body even if slight discomfort develops.
  • Breathe in a rhythmic and natural manner.
  • Become aware of the inhalation and exhalation.
  • Count the number of respirations- 1 in, 1 out and so on.
  • Continue to count and bring your mind back to counting if it wanders.
  • Relax both mind and body.

Duration-The longer the better in general but a few minutes in between asanas.
Concentration-Concentrate deliberately on your breath and counting.

  • Relaxes the whole psycho-physiological system.
  • Ideal before sleep and before and during asana practice especially after
  • dynamic exercises like surya namaskara.










Exercise-36: Advasana (the reversed corpse posture)

  • Lie flat on the stomach.
  • Stretch both arms forward on each side of the head.
  • Relax the whole body in the same way as in shavasana.

Breathing– Natural and in rhythm.
Duration– For relief from ailments, as long as possible.Before or during an asana for a few minutes only.
Concentration-On your breathing and the number of respirations.
Benefits: Useful for people with slipped disc, stiff neck and a stooping figure for relief from pain and for sleeping.











Exercise-37: Makrasana (crocodile posture)

  • Lie flat on the stomach.
  • Raise the head and shoulders and rest your head on the palms of your hands with elbows resting on the floor.
  • Close your eyes and relax.

Breathing-Natural and in rhythm.
Duration-For as long as possible.
Concentration-On your breathing process and the number of respirations.


  1. Useful for people with slipped disc, stiff neck and any other spinal disorders.
  2. Provides relief from asthma and other lung ailments.
  3. Practice this simple asana for maximum relief from these diseases.













Exercise-38: Matsaya Kridasana (The flapping fish pose)

  • Lie on the stomach with fingers interlocked under the head.
  • Fold the left leg sideways and bring left knee close to the ribs.
  • Shift the arms to the left and rest the left elbow on the left knee.
  • Rest the right side on the crook of the right arm.
  • The position resembles a flapping fish.

Breathing– Normal and relaxed in the stoic pose.
Duration– For as long as possible on both sides and for sleeping.
Concentration-On your breathing process.


  1. This asana redistributes waistline fat deposits.
  2. Removes constipation and stimulates digestive peristalsis by stretching the intestines.
  3. Relieves sciatic pain by relaxing the nerves in the legs.
  4. An excellent rest pose.

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