Diarrheais the abnormal increase of liquid in stool and increase in the frequency of passing stool (defecation). The person with diarrhea has watery or loose stool more than three times a day.

During diarrhea, ensure that patient is on a suitable diet to overcome dehydration.

Some of the causes of diarrhea are:

1. Weak digestive power causes diarrhea.

2. Improper eating habits, like fried food in oil or ghee (clarified butter), meats, vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, beans, nuts and sweets, milk and citrus fruits taken simultaneously

3. Impure food or water also causes diarrhea.

Some of the symptoms of seen in the patient of diarrhea are:

1. Cramps

2. Stomach ache

3. Feeling the urge to defecate and inability to control defecation (fecal incontinence)

4. Dehydration

5. Wind and distention in the abdomen

6. Weakness

7. Mild fever

Some remedies to cure diarrhea are:

1. Boil water with coriander seeds and after straining give it to the patient.

2. Pomegranate juice in small quantities can be also given frequently.

3. Take 50 grams of fresh pomegranate skin. Soak it in 800 ml. of water for one hour. Boil until a quarter of the volume remains (200 ml). Store this mixture in a clean, dry bottle. A couple of tablespoons can be taken several times a day. If there is blood in the stools, add half a teaspoon of honey to it.

4. Sugar and salt solution is a must for diarrhea patient. Mix one teaspoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of common salt in a cup of water. Small doses of this mixture (around a quarter cup) can be given whenever the patient wants to drink.

5. Make a paste made of sesame seeds (1 teaspoon) and a few tablespoons of goats milk.

6. Raw banana is an effective astringent and is recommended widely as a diet for treating diarrhea. Cut one raw banana into three pieces and soften them in a pressure cooker using an adequate volume of water. Drain out the excess water. Separate the peel and mash the softened pulp well. In a skillet, roast a small volume of poppy seeds ( khus khus ) till they turn brown. Grind them to obtain a fine powder. Add this powder to banana mash together with a pinch of salt. This delicious and nutritious recipe checks diarrhea through its astringent properties.

7. Spices like cumin, coriander, ginger, turmeric and cardamom should be used for cooking.

8. Fresh fruit juices can also be given in small quantities.

9. Physical exertion of any kind like exercise, sexual activity, sports, singing, dancing etc. should be strictly avoided.

10. The mind should be relaxed and free from all kinds of tension

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